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My Return

2010-08-03 10:51:54 by DJBassAttack

I took a long break off for a gig i had. Anyway, hope you enjoy my new mixes i upload


2010-07-14 08:28:58 by DJBassAttack

Ok, as i am getting zero bombers rating my songs useless. I have taken all my songs off here, and uploaded to a different site where TRUE people can listen and download my songs. So, blame all the Zero Bombers for this.

About Me

2010-07-06 09:38:15 by DJBassAttack

Well, i started making music and that when i was 15. First program i used was FL Studio. Then i thought that wasn't good enough for what i produce. So i went on and used Techno Ejay, which satisfied my needs. So, in 2008 i decided to make my very first song called Frogger Jump. Which you will find in the portal somewhere. Then, that became a great hit so then i started prodfucing more. But, music genre's around the areas of Techno, Trance and Dance. So far i have 1 album made, Frogger Jump. My second one is still in production as of yet. Any enquiries to get my albums, please Message me. Or, hotmail me @

Enjoy all my songs